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Drop it like it's hot!! One pound at a time!!




Thank you for visiting my COPDROPS web site!!! I am now using a new website through Omnitrition. Please go to and click on "Contact Us". Here you can learn about me, contact me, learn about products and see which products I recommend and use myself. Please contact me with any questions


I am a police officer and a mother of two. It is extremely important in my profession to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. After I had a hysterectomy in August 2012, I began putting on weight very quickly. Nothing seemed to work for me. I worked out every day and ate fairly healthy but the scale kept going up and up. By the end of September I had gained 40 POUNDS!!! I continued to struggle and I tried everything I could think of to lose the weight. THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED, I discovered Omnitrition. I started my first round of drops in the middle of November and 45 day later I was 35 pounds lighter (lost 13 pounds in the first week). I became a distributor in December of 2012 and have never looked back.